Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Somethings

Just because I love the everyday and the mundane, here's what's been on the menu for today.

Only Jon and the kiddos went to church today. I had so much typing work I really needed to stay home, so that I did. Ash went and babysat after church while Jon and the other kiddos went to Gigi's. While they were all at Gigi's I went to the grocery store.

I just love small town life. I saw a friend of Alec's from our early days of homeschooling. He's a young man now, a fine young man at that. I saw him the razor section of all place. I remember he used to love to climb things. I should have asked him if he still loved to do that. He said he was going to school for nursing. Am I really this old? I sure do love my life.

I got home and sat down with the rest of the family. We've been huddled around the TV watching the Masters. Jon has certainly wooed us into his love for sports. I don't really love sports, but I do love pulling for the underdog and I love all of us whooping and hollering for the same person.

I took Ash to a movie to meet two friends. This was my first time ever dropping a kid off at the movies. Poor Alec, he would have never asked to do anything like that. I was so rigid with him. Just today I asked Jesus, "Now that you've given me a second chance, what should I do differently?" He so sweetly answered, "Don't be so rigid. Let it go. Have more joy. Don't worry." His instructions were sweet and simple. Now. . . for me to obey. *Grin* I dropped my sweet Ash off and she had a great time with her friends.

Alec grilled chicken on the grill tonight. Jon had to work on a rental house and came in and relaxed with the rest of us. I'm thankful for a hardworking husband, but also a husband who knows how to wind down, laugh, and relax.

We'll probably laugh and chat and watch TV the rest of the night. Dinner was super yummy, grilled chicken breasts and marinated veggies. It's National Sibling Day today. Who ever thought of that? Just the other day I had a group of Directors over to my house. The kids were all home at one point during the day. They all decided to go to Gigi's to play pool. As they were leaving one Director looked at me, "Are they close? They seem to be." Praise, Jesus; yes, they are. I love the relationships they have with one another. I pray they will grow closer and closer as the years go.

Happy Sunday!

Celebrating Alec's New Job

Long story, short, Alec is now in the corporate world with a corporate job without a degree. Yeah. Um, how do I explain the long of it with the short? Jesus. Period. Jesus. It's all Him.

Alec is home and is working at a job with lots of room for growth. They will even pay for any and all computer certifications he wants. He's excelling, starting out part-time and has worked his way up to full-time three days a week and half days the rest.

He texted me one day while attending the CEO's retirement party, "I just got paid about $35 to sit around and eat food."

So to celebrate, we did what we do. . . asked him where he wanted to go eat. He wanted sushi so we decided to treat him to a nice sushi buffet in Atlanta. Nori Nori was fabulous and did not disappoint.

The whole Fab 5 loves sushi. We got adventurous and all of us even went raw with a few pieces. We all tried octopus. Ash was the only one who liked it.

One of my favorite highlights of the day was when Alec and Ash got some raw red snapper sushi. They started trying it at the same time. Alec's face was in a perpetual look of horror. Ash managed to tuck hers to the side and busted out laughing, like tears coming out of her eyes laughing. It was so funny, laughter that makes another laugh. I love that they had that bonding moment.
Oh, my sweet Jesus, thank you for always having your hand on my boy, for bringing him home and truly working ALL things for his good and your glory. . .and meanwhile, through lots of hurt and tears, getting this Mama to a place of absolute trust and surrender.
Another funny of the day (since laughing is my favorite) was when we were getting our food at the buffet, Hanna said, "It's so nice to be at a buffet without the buffet people around (think Golden Corral, Ryan's, etc.)." A few minutes later she stated, "What if we are the buffet people?"

There were even fried shrimp with the whole head. See the eyes Ash is about to put in her mouth?
Every adventure is a good one, even the food ones.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Pics

Easter Sunday we were all decked out so it was a good excuse to get Melissa to snag some family photos. My family HATES family photos. I absolutely love them. My tag line with everything they hate is, "When I'm dead and gone y'all are going to be glad I did this." It was raining. Thankfully Melissa is a great photographer and could punch out a few good ones. 

I sure do love my good lookin' family. 

'Cause that's how we roll...

Tonight I should have been folding the laundry that's stacking high on our table or cleaning those dishes piled in our sink. Instead, I sat down and played poker. Yeah. . . poker, with the Fab 5. Alec and Ash love playing Texas Hold 'Em. I joined in on the fun and Hanna and I cleaned house baby!! Normally I stink at these games, but this one I was rocking and rolling. Glad I decided to forego dishes and laundry to have fun with the family!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Running Buddy

I must start blogging again. In an effort to get on the blogging bandwagon I'm going to blog the everyday, which is what I love most. . . . the ins and outs of the everyday.

Today, Hanna started running. She huffed and puffed and laughed and giggled. I kept telling her to "focus on something else. Focus on those geese in front of us." To which she replied, "Yeah, they're walking."

That girl and her wit continually cracks me up. Jon came in a tad grumpy. I was gone to CC for a WIC meeting. She was telling me all about it the next morning. Jon's been dieting, getting ready for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. She said, "I think Daddy is malnourished." Bahahahaha.

Me and my girl after our run. Love her so!!!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weeping May Last for the Night but Joy Comes in the Morning

It's been a long "night", this season of life we've been in for the past 5 months. Many, many, many tears and much, much weeping.

Praying to exhaustion.

Needing to be so close to Jesus where there would be many nights I would sleep with my Bible and just cling to it all.night.long.

Laboring in prayer.

I have so many posts I need to catch up on, but all this is so fresh I just have to praise the LORD publicly and I want to remember this, for it to be etched into my heart, my soul, and the very fiber of my being.

First of all, I love Jesus more now than I ever have. It's because HE is in the the storm, and what a tumultuous storm we've endured. I've learned, though, I want to be where ever He is, and if it's in a storm, then, Amen, storm come.

Last night we had our last dinner at the Dwarf House at CFA. Sean, one of the Managers, came up to our table and said the following:

"I want you guys to know I have supervised many, many people over the years. Out of all the people I've supervised Alec makes my Top 10. You guys have done an incredible job raising him."

My eyes welled with tears and I could barely choke out a, "Thank you. You don't know how much that means to us." If I would have blinked, a tsunami of tears would have hit our table. I look over at Jon. His eyes look the same as mine. It wasn't a skinny second our girls noticed and started laughing at us. This made us laugh and made Jon blame his tears on my tears. 

It wasn't my tears that gave life to Jon's tears. It was Sean's words that brought forth our heart water. His words gave life. . . life to two exhausted parents, life to parents who have felt like utter and complete failures the last five months.

As I sat across the table from Alec this morning, I told him of Mr. Sean's words. I was sure to let him know how proud we are of him, for representing our family well at CFA. As our conversation progressed I asked him how hard it was that he wasn't back at GSU. It was his decision not to back. We didn't make him stay home. If it would have ever been up to me, I would have never let him go in the first place. But here's the sweet part of letting him go, letting him make his own decisions, letting him fail and loving him unconditionally all the while this is going on. He said, "I'm actually really glad to be home. I really missed you guys much more than I thought I would." Amongst fraternities and all that goes with that life, tons of kids his age, freedom, etc. . . he missed us and he's glad to be home. If we would have never let him go, he may have never known these things. A kiss from my sweet Jesus, I tell you. 

I'm starting to see the light of day. Now mind you, prayer is always necessary and very much needed. I won't stop praying or praising because I've come to a point in my life where He is my very breath on many days. But it's nice, oh, so nice to see light breaking forth in the darkness. 

My heart is full of love and joy for my Savior and all the incredible ways He loves this broken, failed, and downtrodden mother.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Code

Christmas Code this year is as follows:

Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat.

Alec is Twix because our very first dog which was a chocolate lab he got to name. He named him Twix.

Ashley is Snickers because she thinks we're always snickering at her.

Hanna is Kit Kat because she's our animal lover. She especially loves Cookie who gets on all of our nerves. Each time little Oliver Farrar sees Cookie he points and says, "Kit-ty Kat."

As we stand right now the kids have figured out Alec is Twix, Hanna is Kit Kat, and Ash is Snickers. But, in order to break the Christmas Code they have to tell me the why. . .

We'll see if they can crack this baby by tonight.

(Disclaimer: I'm not publishing this post until they're all in the bed tonight)

P.S. Those smart kiddos cracked it again. One day I promise I'm going to outsmart them.