Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Greek Life, Winnie-the-Pooh, and the Seven Dwarfs

When Alec was home we asked him if we were in Greek Life which sorority or fraternity would we belong to. The thing about Greek Life is at each school they chapter as a whole has a reputation. Funny thing is many of their reputations are still exactly the same as they were when I was there a little less than 20 years ago. Here's his assessment. (other family joined in on this fun too).

Jon - Delt (which is sweet for him to think his Dad would be in the same fraternity as him).
Me - Phi Mu (which I loved this because earlier he told me Phi Mu were the sweetest girls you would meet). I'm glad that boy thinks his Mama sweet. :) He is also going to a formal with a Phi Mu girl.
Ash - AOII (This is the sorority he hangs around with the most.) I think this means he looks at his sister as a friend. :)
Hanna - Zeta (I'm worried about this one.) I reconfirmed with him if these girls still had the same reputation as they did when I was at GSU. Yep. Yikes.
Papa - KA (We kept teasing Papa telling him we were going to take him and drop him off at the KA fraternity house crawfish boil. He'd be all over it and be the most popular guy there. They'd love him.)
Melissa - Zeta (Made me almost spit my coffee out. I wasn't sure if she was part offended or part excited to know she's not as old as she feels.)

I later asked Ash if our family were Winnie-the-Pooh characters who would we be. Here's her rundown.

Jon - Pooh
Me - Tigger "but as you get older you get more like Eeyore." Yes, folks, this Tigger is tired.
Alec -  Rabbit
Ash - Kanga
Hanna - Piglet

I asked Hanna if our family was the seven dwarfs who would everybody be. This was her take on it:

Dad- Dopey
Me - Happy
Alec - Sneezy (because of his allergies)
Ash - Doc (because she likes to take care of everyone)
Hanna - Bashful.

There you go.


Phi-Mu, Tigger, Happy.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's a Great Debate, Charlie Brown

There's one thing I need to let you in on if you're part of our family (whether by blood or love) if you're made fun of, you're loved. It just goes with being part of us. Our Halloween started out with an early morning departure 8:50 a.m. to Douglasville for Ash's soccer game. On the way home we get in a heated debate. Ash who doesn't like being made fun of one single solitary iota was complaining that out of everyone in our family she is the most made fun of. 

Well. . . let's see, that girl does get her words mixed up. Like the time she had learned to use her left hand and she told me she was now anorexic. And then there was the time we started to watch a movie with Queen Latifa in it and she stammered, "Oh, I love Queen Lafita." To this day we still call Queen Latifa, Queen Lafita. And then there was that time a few months back when she had gone ahead an episode and watched one of our favorite shows together. I asked her if it was any good. She quickly let me know, "No, it didn't leave you on a hangover." She meant cliffhanger. So now you know what we call cliffhangers. . . you got it. . .hangovers. 

She gets so aggravated with us. However, amongst all of that Jon told her I was the one that was the most made fun of in our family. I didn't respond. Hanna agreed with her Daddy. I thought since this was a family debate i needed to get Alec's opinion. He responded back, "You or Ash." I told him he had to choose. "You, I guess." Now, mind you, that boy is in his last week of pledging his fraternity. He had had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. He's pretty delirious, but he still was able to state his opinion. 

Meanwhile, we headed to a little small town pizza place and the Fab 5 minus 1 eat a fun meal around the table together. It was so neat to be in a new town in a new place. We really enjoyed ourselves. 

We got home. I showered and got ready and Hanna and I headed to Walmart to get some last minute Halloween food to take to Melissa's. 

Chili dogs, chips, goodies galore was on the menu. Any girl over the age of 30 was a black-eyed pea. 

Black-eyed Peas. 

House Full of Kiddos

Social Media Beauties

Black-eyed peas

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The Candy Hunting Crew

Instagram and Thing 1

Me and my girlies

More Black-eyed Peas

Cutest little things
Jon stayed home and watched GA get their tails beat by Florida. The girls and I got home pretty late. Meanwhile Alec and I texted back and forth throughout the night. He was telling me they were having a Halloween party. He let me know he'd text me a picture of him later.
I asked him, "What are you, a Florida fan, redneck, or Papa?" He's a redneck.

Even though we weren't all together on Halloween I'm so grateful for technology and how we can be apart of one another's lives. I let Alec know he would be so proud of Hanna. She increased her candy margin by 40%. The kiddos developed this tradition many moons ago of putting all their candy out on the floor and doing trades. Alec was proud of his little sister.

Happy Halloween. Here's to friends, family, and sweet memories.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Splashes of Jesus

Jesus is all around us. Here's just a few ways He has splashed Himself on me this week.

  • Ash saying, "I'll miss you," as I head out the door to CC Stockbridge, kissing her goodbye.
  • Hanna kissing me goodnight as I drift off to sleep telling me, "Good night. I love you."
  • Ash sending me texts about the goodness of the LORD.
  • Ash asking me to pray with her.
  • Hanna's cursive writing on her school planner. . . God is good all the time. All the time God is good.
  • Hearing my girls pray for their brother as he is going through the difficulties of pledging a fraternity.
  • Hearing my girls pray for their brother's salvation.
  • Alec being nominated for chaplain of his fraternity and him declining it because he's not in the right place for it.
  • Hearing Hanna singing around the house. She has the prettiest little voice and it just brings such joy to my heart. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Soccer MC

Poor Hanna. . . that kid has been drug on the soccer field for too many hours to count. When she was itty bitty we tried to get her to play. We knew when she ran away from the ball that soccer wasn't going to be her thing. *Grin* She's always been a child that can entertain herself.

Now she's the one that does the entertaining. I call her my soccer MC.

We always sit mid-field. Being that Ash is a defensive player we like to get the best view of her we can. Often times this makes us end up in the other team's territory. This is not a good thing. Jon doesn't like the comments the other team's parents make, especially if he feels they are nonsensical.

Sorry, I digress. Back to my soccer MC. . .when there are Spanish-speaking parents on the other team Hanna will translate for me. That kid doesn't know a lickity split of Spanish but she knows what they're thinking and she spits it right out of her little mouth. . . which makes me belly laugh and snort giggle because she's so darn witty.

Then there's the game yesterday. She tagged herself "first line of defense"; me, "second line of defense". This meant there was Jon, then Hanna, then me, which meant she would calm him down first (hence, first line of defense) and if that didn't work it would go to me (hence, second line of defense) before he'd mouth back at the other parents.

There was this mom on the other team who was pretty mouthy. Funny thing is we find the women are more mouthy than the men. After awhile she became pretty comical because even I knew those kids weren't off sides. . .hee.hee. Hanna said, "She is exactly what I imagined the typical soccer mom to look like. . .black pants with a stripe down them, mismatched shirt. . ." and she went on and on and on.

That kid I tell you.

Monday, October 19, 2015

We've Lost Him . . . for a Little While

I called to tell her of the decisions made on Alec's behalf. Gigi's words were tender and gentle and true.

"Michele, I really felt this weekend the LORD tell me, we've lost him for a little while."

She's right. As hard as it is for me, she's right.

He's made bad decisions and is only sorry he got caught. That was evident today as the grace-filled decision was bestowed upon him and he responded with such arrogance and pride. I could hardly take it, and he knew it. Jon and I both told him how arrogant he was.

I know this sounds weird, but the arrogance jumped on him as soon as we dropped him back off at school. It was in the way he carried himself as he walked back to his dorm. It was even more evident when we picked him up this morning.

As we were waiting for a decision his snappy comments and "I've got this," remarks made it feel as if he didn't even want us there. Yet, in the weeks leading up he was scared to death.

Who knows what will happen from this day forward? At this point very few things would surprise me.

We continue to pray and let God move and work in His timing.

Whatever it takes. . .

Saturday, October 17, 2015

He's Home. . . So Far

I headed down to the 'Boro yesterday and picked up our boy. He had been saying for the past few weekends how he had missed home and was ready to be here. Music to a Mama's ears. Weekend after weekend passed and he was not able to come. I just let him know we knew he was busy and we would look forward to seeing him when he could come. He's been sick and sleep deprived. That's why I went to go and get him.

The girlies stayed home to work on their school and then a friend took them to Skate Day. I left that morning and ended up in the 'Boro about 1:00. I got to Alec's dorm and called him. He came out and we exchanged such a big hug. He even gave me the "alec pat". The first thing I noticed was how long his hair had gotten. His eyes were sweet. I had talked to a friend on my way down there and told her I can always tell so much about my kids by looking at their eyes. I couldn't wait to see his eyes.

He wanted to eat El Sombrero so that's where we headed. I meant to get a picture but totally forgot about it because he was telling me so much about his life in the 'Boro. I thought back to all the times I've taken that boy to eat just me and him. I'm thankful I took the time to do those things when he was little and as he grew.

We got in the car and there was chatter the whole way. Normally he has to have music playing. He hates the silence. But, there was never any silence so no need for music. He hardly stayed on his phone. When he was on there it was to show me pictures of the different people that are apart of his life. We laughed and laughed. We had some serious talks, and these were good. He and I are at a point where he's honest with me. He doesn't try to lie or cover up what he's doing. I'm thankful for this because I'm able to meet him where he is. We also had air conditioning wars. He turns it on and after icicles were hanging off my nose, I turned it off. When he's sweating buckets he turns it back on, then when the icicles came, I turned it off. We laughed at our AC war.

When we got into G-town we headed to Walmart. It was hilarious because we saw this redneck pickup truck playing loud base-thumping music. Alec's new word is "hood rat." I was wondering if this is what a "hood rat" is. *Smile*. We picked up a few things I needed to make the meal he requested. . . barbecue chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and I threw in a key lime pie because it's his favorite. He was so helpful. He got the things out of the buggy for me and helped me bag up the food.

We got home and as I cooked dinner he fell asleep on the couch (picture to come). I loved it. An hour and a half later dinner was ready and we all sat around the table together. . . that's my happy place. . .the Fab 5 all around the table together. It felt so good. Alec started telling the rest of the Fab 5 the stories he had told me earlier. I'd pipe up and say, "Tell them about so and so." Jon responded, "Mom acts like she knows these people." Well, I do, or at least let me think I do so I feel apart of his 'Boro life.

We sat down and watched the Amazing Race together. Alec sat in his normal spot and I scooched up beside him and we shared a GA Bulldawg blanket. I fell asleep before the show was over. It was so nice having everybody back under one roof again. I woke up, kissed Alec and Ash goodnight, went and got a slither of pie and headed off to brush my teeth and take my makeup off.

All my birdies were in the nest. The next morning I woke up, turned on the hall light, opened their doors to check on them. Today Alec headed to get a hair cut. He was about to just leave. Ahem. . .. apparently he's already forgotten my rule. Before you leave I kiss your neck goodbye. I playfully reprimanded him. He giggled.

He's getting his hair cut (yay). I'm telling you, it was so long. Hanna told me later, "I was about to put a $20 bill in his hand and tell him to go get a hair cut." He's also heading over to CFA to see some of his old coworkers.

He'll be home again soon. I love those words. . . he'll be home again soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tired of the Fight

For about a month now our family has been going through a fierce storm. I will blog about it when I can find the time to choke the words out. But let's just say it's been tough. I've gotten to the point where I've named it, GPW. . . God's Protective Ways. I'm choosing to see Him in this situation.

For many, many, many days I fought.

Fought with God.

Fought with Jon.

Fought with myself.

I've been exhausted. There were days I was fighting that I didn't realize I was fighting, but I was. It was obvious by the lack of peace I felt. . . the worry and the what-ifs.

One day I woke up and told the LORD, "I refuse to live a life of worry and what-ifs. I will choose to trust you."

A few days later, I repented. Repented of fighting. . . fighting with Him, fighting with Jon, and fighting with myself. I opened my hands up to the LORD and told Him sincerely and truly that I would trust Him no matter what.

The fight is over. Praise  Him. I'm so thankful He's so patient with me and for the place He's brought me to and through this GPW. My anger and heartache that has characterized my demeanor for the last month have been replaced with joy, freedom, and peace. I'm grateful.