Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why Must I be Cursed with this Fate?

I was sipping my second cup of coffee with my Saturday routine of watching Fox News and Alec comes in bright and early, "Why must I be cursed with this fate of not being able to sleep past 8:00 a.m.?" Welcome to my world, hardworking young man. We laughed, he headed to the shower, and I dove into a book I've been enthralled in. That didn't last long because we had to be up and at 'em and out the door to go to Ash's second soccer game for the weekend. She had a game last night and beat an A team. She was fast, fast, fast. I love watching her play, watch her come from behind a girl, pounce her and take the ball from her. She even came from defense twice (in the last two games), made her way up to offense and shot for a goal. Today's game was intense. Our girls were down 2-0. We had 20 minutes left in the game and we tied it up. It was worth the sopping wet sweat I endured with watching her. *Grin* The game was so tense I was saying quietly to myself with only my family close enough to hear, "Come on, Toot (a nickname we've called her since she was a baby that Gdaddy gave her)." As the intensity of the game rose and her aggressiveness grew my "Come on, Toot," got louder and louder. She made a great play and it slipped and slipped loudly (no pun intended), "Come on, Toot." Mind you, she didn't hear me but Alec and Hanna did to which they said, "She's going to kill you." Alec warned me, "Mom, don't ever do that again." I told them, "She didn't hear me. She'll never know if y'all don't tell her." We get home this evening and guess what? They spilled the beans. Yikes, sorry Toot, I mean, Ash.

After soccer we headed to Firehouse Subs, Ash's favorite. I had promised her sometime this weekend we'd treat her to Firehouse. The Fab 5 were all together so my mama's heart was happy. After getting home the girls and I ran to town for some errands and our guys stayed home, rested, and watched the Olympics. We are L-O-V-I-N-G the Olympics right now!!! In fact, I've had to be taking me some naps during the day because we're staying up way too late to watch them.

While in town Ash got several inches cut off her hair. It looks so good. We also made our way to Walmart. I feel like I live there. In fact, I have several friends there who are employees. Spann is one of my favorites and he knows it. When leaving today I hugged him goodbye and told him I'd see him in a few days. He laughed. We joked about how much I've been in there this week. He sweetly responded, "You're spoiling me." He's so precious. We also saw a friend of Gigi and Gdaddy's. He was in line behind us. As we talked I helped him empty his buggy. He had these individual pieces of pie. He told me he was having company over after church tomorrow telling me many times, "I just hate eating by myself." When we got to the car Hanna even commented on his individual pies.

I've been asking Jesus to help me be more thoughtful. He's being faithful to show me. I'm starting my list here because I know I won't lose it. It may include specifics for specific people. *Grin*

1. Invite lonely people to our house for dinner.
2. Know the names of the employees of the places you frequent.
3. Send people birthday cards rather than birthday texts or FB messages.
4. Takes pictures of items that remind you of people and send it to them.
5. Keep our family group meme text going.
6. Alec's favorite sub from Subway - foot long Italian, pepper jack cheese, honey mustard, lettuce, a little bit of mayo
7. Lick loves makeup bags.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Breakfast by Hanna

Right now its 8:30-ish on a Thursday morning. It's been a busy-good week. I slept in this morning until 6:00. Jon snuggled me when he saw me still laying in the bed after he had finished his shower. On a normal day while he's in the shower I'm in the kitchen making him some breakfast. He knows if I'm still in the bed then I must be tired.

He kissed my forehead and proceeded to get ready for work. No eggs this morning for breakfast, baby. I've had three days of being at home long enough to sleep. I'm learning to be nice to myself and sleep when I need it. I did manage to get up at 6:00 and make Alec breakfast and send him to work with a cup of coffee. I did my usual routine, stood outside the door watching him leave and praying over him until he was way far out of sight. It's become a precious part of my routine and I'm thankful. I then continued my sweet time with Jesus.

I was on my third cup of coffee sitting on the couch while Hanna is in the kitchen. She's making breakfast quiche. I've noticed when Ash has friends over she makes them a yummy breakfast. She has music playing and garlic and butter swaying their delicious scents throughout the house. I thought about her sweetness. She's feisty these days and she readily admits it, but her love language is service. I think it's just pure preciousness how she seeks to serve Ash and Claire with yummy food. I thought, "I'm going to get up and snag a picture." Then I remembered how I have missed blogging and I have this sickness called, "If I blog I need a photo." Yet, time is busy and my days are short and I don't have the time to load my photos. Maybe I just need to focus my memories with words and not photos. So, I'm here.

My coffee is growing lukewarm, praise music is playing, the sounds and smells of food is coming from the kitchen. I love this moment because I'm here and I'm present.

I need to get busy and work out and fold the laundry that's attached my kitchen table and get out MV emails and scrub my bathrooms and mop my floors and go to the grocery store and, and, and. . .

I think I'll just enjoy this moment. I truly do love this life I get to live.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Can you Watch Another Episode?

I was determined we would all eat dinner all together at the table tonight with my baked pork chops, sweet potatoes, and black-eyed peas. Some healthy grub with the Fab5 was what my busy body needed. We started back CC this week and I'm tutoring two campuses again. I absolutely love it!! It's amazing how good work feels when you love what you do. Alec is going in on an earlier shift so he's home a little earlier which makes us all having dinner together more feasible.

Honestly Alec wasn't in the best mood. To top it off Hanna had spilled red food coloring on our hardwood floors (thankfully she got it up). Ash was exhausted from working on school all day and my easy going husband was enjoying a cup of coffee from a new coffee we're trying.

It's amazing what having a meal together does. I started talking about my last two days of CC, new ideas I'm implementing, new families, old families. Alec started talking about the fallacies of fallacies theory to which Ash added, "Yeah, but truth and validity are different." To this, Alec agreed. Alec then reminisced to his CC days of how he loved to argue and he loved people to disagree with him. He liked current events but disliked Socratic Circle. Ash started her first Socratic Circle on Monday and has talked much about it.

All this talking changed all of our attitudes to laughter and smiles and that's the power of meal making and meal eating together. The table is one of my absolute favorite places in our home. I love all the memories we've shared around it.

We all went our separate ways. Ash and Jon off to soccer practice. Alec in the bathroom doing his business. From here we discovered we were out of toilet paper. Yikes!!! We laughed and I hollered to Alec, (I knew he had his phone with him), "Can you watch one more episode?" He laughed, "Already in progress." Hanna and I headed to Dollar General to get the necessity of toilet paper. For a Mom who gripes more about iphones that likes them I realized, there are some perks to cell phone. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Soccer Tourney and Sushi Buffets

This weekend Ash had a soccer tournament. Our dear friends (framily), the Lawrence's came to watch one of her games and then treated us to dinner. We went to this Japanese buffet. It was such a treat. They put us in a room all to ourselves so we got to hee and haw as loud as we wanted. We chatted and laughed away. It was such a fun time. We didn't get home until 10:30 and I wasn't even tired. The girls spent the night with them.

This morning Jon and I went on a 5-mile run. I love how he looks back for me when I can't keep up with him. I love how we hold hands when we start our cool down walk. I love how he opens up my van door when we're finished running. I love running with him.

Angela brought the girls home and we headed to the soccer tournament. The 3rd game was intense. We were tied at the end so we had to go to PKs. Yikes, I don't like PKs. They make me nervous for all the girls on the field, even our opponents. We ended up winning and going to the finals. Before heading to the final game we met Alec and Gigi at Firehouse Subs. I love family and the table and talk and laughter. We head to the final game. It was tough but in the last half of the game Ash kicked a ball down the field to Madison, Madison struck the ball and scored. We won the tournament!!!! It was a blast.

After Ash's game we headed to Gigi's for dinner, grilled chicken, baked marinated veggies, green beans, cantaloupe, cucumbers, strawberries. .. my kind of meal. Jon, Gigi and the kiddos played a game of pool while Lee and I chatted about his new adventure with school.

Life is a gift. I don't want to take one minute for granted.

Some of my tinies this weekend:

**Hearing Alec laugh after he had been in a very grumpy mood.
**The love of my husband.
**Jon telling me I looked pretty when I had my hair pulled back, no makeup on, fried lobster red from the sun, jeans, and a tank top on. I think he was blinded by my sunburn. :)
**Watching Ash play soccer. She played her heart out.
**Hanna making us laugh.
**Eating with framily.
**Eating with family.
**Even though a church may join you to people, just because you leave that church doesn't mean you ever have to leave those people. This delights my heart and soul.
**Blue skies.
**Sun shining.
**Wind blowing.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Tinies

My dear friend and Jesus sister, Andrea and I, have walked the same path the last year or so. We became friends after I had Hanna. She knew how hard three children were for her so she pursued a friendship with me. I remember when I had my miscarriage (before Hanna) and she had no words for me she surprised me with a pumpkin Yankee candle. When I had Hanna and was up to my eyeballs with baby cries (both Ash and Hanna 'cause Ash would cry every time Hanna cried; that child was born with a sensitive and compassionate heart), Andrea would pop by my house with a box of Dunkin' Donut holes, hug my neck, and leave.

Jesus has reunited our lives in the last year, and it's been oh so precious and balm to my soul. She's the big sister I never had. She spoils me with books and prayers, thoughts for the day, encouragements, long texts, and just pure sweetness. One of the things we do together is count our tinies. Our theory is if the tiny mustard seed can move mountains, then surely tiny is good enough for Jesus. So we look for the tinies in our lives to praise Him for. And when we busy mamas have time we will text one another our tinies for the day.

Here's my tinies for today:

Jon calling me from work saying, "What's everyone doing tonight?" Me: "We're all home." Jon: "Want to go out to eat tonight?" Yes, yes, yes. We head to O'Charley's and we laugh alot. Laughing is my favorite. We laugh at Hanna's shyness. We laugh at Alec's work stories. We laugh as we bow our heads to pray at Jon who is laughing at the look on my face. My just-delivered plate of food looked dirty (yuck).

Hugs and cuddles from my sweet Ash. Teenage years are hard, even for a good girl who has a good head on her shoulders. There's many, many times when our heads butt and there's distance between us. Weeks ago I boldly told her, "Ash, I miss you. What's going on?" She and I are back on good terms and she's all hugs and cuddles with her Mama again.

Alec absolutely.positively LOVING his job and doing very well at it. I've prayed for Jesus to show him His kindness. Once again, Jesus has gone above and beyond anything I could think or imagine.

Scott wanting Alec to come over and play Nerf gun wars. Alec wanting Ash and Hanna to go with them. Watching the three of them head out with Alec. Standing in the doorpost of the front door praying like I always do when they drive off from me.

Watching my new favorite show with Jon, "Call the Midwife". I love this show. . .and now I want to be a midwife.

Praying over the phone this morning with my back-to-back prayer buddy, Bethany. Once a week we call one another at 6:00 a.m. and lift one another up to Jesus together. It has been such a precious time.

I told the kids I wanted them home by 11:00 from Nerf gun wars. It's 10:40, my responsible, dependable, trustworthy Ash texts me (without me asking her), "leaving now."

Texting Kristen about my new favorite show. She's the one that's been trying to get me to watch it for years.

Collecting my tinies. . .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Somethings

Just because I love the everyday and the mundane, here's what's been on the menu for today.

Only Jon and the kiddos went to church today. I had so much typing work I really needed to stay home, so that I did. Ash went and babysat after church while Jon and the other kiddos went to Gigi's. While they were all at Gigi's I went to the grocery store.

I just love small town life. I saw a friend of Alec's from our early days of homeschooling. He's a young man now, a fine young man at that. I saw him the razor section of all place. I remember he used to love to climb things. I should have asked him if he still loved to do that. He said he was going to school for nursing. Am I really this old? I sure do love my life.

I got home and sat down with the rest of the family. We've been huddled around the TV watching the Masters. Jon has certainly wooed us into his love for sports. I don't really love sports, but I do love pulling for the underdog and I love all of us whooping and hollering for the same person.

I took Ash to a movie to meet two friends. This was my first time ever dropping a kid off at the movies. Poor Alec, he would have never asked to do anything like that. I was so rigid with him. Just today I asked Jesus, "Now that you've given me a second chance, what should I do differently?" He so sweetly answered, "Don't be so rigid. Let it go. Have more joy. Don't worry." His instructions were sweet and simple. Now. . . for me to obey. *Grin* I dropped my sweet Ash off and she had a great time with her friends.

Alec grilled chicken on the grill tonight. Jon had to work on a rental house and came in and relaxed with the rest of us. I'm thankful for a hardworking husband, but also a husband who knows how to wind down, laugh, and relax.

We'll probably laugh and chat and watch TV the rest of the night. Dinner was super yummy, grilled chicken breasts and marinated veggies. It's National Sibling Day today. Who ever thought of that? Just the other day I had a group of Directors over to my house. The kids were all home at one point during the day. They all decided to go to Gigi's to play pool. As they were leaving one Director looked at me, "Are they close? They seem to be." Praise, Jesus; yes, they are. I love the relationships they have with one another. I pray they will grow closer and closer as the years go.

Happy Sunday!

Celebrating Alec's New Job

Long story, short, Alec is now in the corporate world with a corporate job without a degree. Yeah. Um, how do I explain the long of it with the short? Jesus. Period. Jesus. It's all Him.

Alec is home and is working at a job with lots of room for growth. They will even pay for any and all computer certifications he wants. He's excelling, starting out part-time and has worked his way up to full-time three days a week and half days the rest.

He texted me one day while attending the CEO's retirement party, "I just got paid about $35 to sit around and eat food."

So to celebrate, we did what we do. . . asked him where he wanted to go eat. He wanted sushi so we decided to treat him to a nice sushi buffet in Atlanta. Nori Nori was fabulous and did not disappoint.

The whole Fab 5 loves sushi. We got adventurous and all of us even went raw with a few pieces. We all tried octopus. Ash was the only one who liked it.

One of my favorite highlights of the day was when Alec and Ash got some raw red snapper sushi. They started trying it at the same time. Alec's face was in a perpetual look of horror. Ash managed to tuck hers to the side and busted out laughing, like tears coming out of her eyes laughing. It was so funny, laughter that makes another laugh. I love that they had that bonding moment.
Oh, my sweet Jesus, thank you for always having your hand on my boy, for bringing him home and truly working ALL things for his good and your glory. . .and meanwhile, through lots of hurt and tears, getting this Mama to a place of absolute trust and surrender.
Another funny of the day (since laughing is my favorite) was when we were getting our food at the buffet, Hanna said, "It's so nice to be at a buffet without the buffet people around (think Golden Corral, Ryan's, etc.)." A few minutes later she stated, "What if we are the buffet people?"

There were even fried shrimp with the whole head. See the eyes Ash is about to put in her mouth?
Every adventure is a good one, even the food ones.