Monday, November 13, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
Coldish, foggy, dreary
I am thinking...
I've got 5 minutes to blog.
I am thankful for...
Ash. She is a great kid. Yesterday the house was a mess and she just started cleaning it. I didn't have to ask. She just did it and in all the ways I love for it to be straight and clean. She even went to Walmart for me and she has ALOT on her plate. She's always asking us if it's okay if a boy gets her number, if it's okay if she goes certain places with certain people. She's a trustworthy kid. She loves Jesus and it shows.
From the learning rooms...
Headed to CC today. We're having a vendor fair and I'm featuring MV. Ash and I both have our MV shirts on.
From the kitchen...
I've got pinto beans needing to be mashed into refried beans for the girls' lunch today. That's why I only have 3 more minutes left to blog. :)
I am wearing...
MV longsleeve T-shirt, hair in a braid that Hanna did for me, jeans with holes in it and cowboy boots. Yeah, I don't "fit" in the homeschooling world. That's alright. That's okay. I'm good with that.
I am creating...
T-shirt blankets.
I am going...
To get let the dogs out.
I am reading...
Tom Sawyer. I've got to finish it by the morning for my Ch1 Smarr class. :)
I am hoping...
I can get these T-shirt blankets finished by Christmas break. I want to be super lazy and super involved in the holiday season all at once. I don't want "responsibilities" to interfere. Adulting. . .yeah, yeah, yeah.
I am hearing...
Hanna in the bathroom doing something with her hair. Typing of the keys because I've got only 1 more minute.
Around the house...
It's clean (downstairs) thanks to Ash.
One of my favorite things...
Podcasts. People.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Coffee with a friend from church, Teaching Group Power classes, shopping for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing.. 
Our Bungalove. 
I love and miss that little house so much.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Jim Gaffigan and GOCU

Jon's tennis buddies at work, one of the won scored some Gaffigan tickets to the GOCU suite. He decided to make it a couple's date night. It was so much fun. I didn't get a pic of all of us together. I was too busy enjoying everyone. I did manage to snag a few before everyone got there.

Jon and I parked, headed to the CNN Center and decided we would eat Burger-Fi for dinner. Dum, dum, dum 30 minutes later they had our food ready which was time for us to haul booty to Philips Arena. We snagged a few bites, got our burgers in our hands and ran to find our entry point. Country comin' to the city. I'm good with that because I had a good burger in one hand and my good lookin' man on the other.

Getting ready to laugh the night away.

We've been in the suite before. The last time we went they had a spread of food. No spread this time. Jon was itching to see Miami and Notre Dame play. He's been so excited about it all week long. He found the remote, turned on the TV. I sat down in the box with the rest of the peeps (Big John, Barb, Lisa, Richard, Betsy, Bayne). Jon said he heard about 90% of the comedy, but there were "tense" moments in the game. I think at one point Richard even went up there to watch the game with Jon.

It was a fun night. I'm thankful for these close friendships Jon has at work. He loves his job and his people. I think their wives are pretty fun too. We all stayed around and chatted so much so we were some of the last ones in Phillips. They kept coming in the suite telling us, "5 more minutes". Yikes!!!! Super fun night.

Cord Cut Again and Things that Make me Happy

God is good. He knows what it takes to move me on. Just when I think I've moved on, He shows me I haven't.

Another cord has been cut. Things had been distant and weird and strained. I'm not one who can easily take a hint. However, after this weekend and some things that transpired I felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit, "Another cord cut, now move on." My heart ached at first and then when I realized it was God I was able to lay my head down last night and say, "Thank you, Jesus, for this." I woke up with joy. I get really attached to people and always feel a deep sense of loyalty. God knows what must happen in order for me to move forward. I'm thankful.

Other happenings of Saturday were I headed out. . . by my little 'ole self. Honestly we were all on one another's nerves. I knew when I left the house I needed to be gone for awhile. I thought to myself, "What would make me happy?" I ended up at Hobby Lobby. I had to get some things to make a T-shirt blanket. I saw these signs and giggled. I thought about texting Mama, Melissa, and Kristen saying, "Can I get a witness?" Instead I kept it to myself.


Being that we in the Tight 5 AKA Fab 5 love pizza, this is truly true around our hiz-ouse. 

I then decided I'd be responsible because being responsible does make me happy, so I headed myself off to the grocery store. It was lunchtime so I decided I'd just pick me up lunch there, realizing, eating healthy makes me happy.

Books and coffee make me happy so I headed to Starbucks, planning to read inside of Starbucks. However, cold doesn't make me happy, and it was cold in there. I headed back to Hobby Lobby and sat in the parking lot. I drank my flat white and read "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Tom Sawyer, yeah, he makes me giggle. . . alot. And, giggling makes me happy.

Then I started thinking of Christmas and both of my CC classes, which both contains my girls. Being thoughtful makes me happy and giving gifts makes me happy. And the LORD gave me the sweetest idea for my classes. I pulled out my bullet journal, scribbled away, then headed back inside Hobby Lobby.

As I shopped I was just overjoyed as I thought about each kid and each gift.

And, I think I have to say, especially after today, cord cutting. . . although a cut or a tear hurts, the end result is good. Cord cutting, yep, that makes me happy, too. 
Moving on. . .

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tight 5

I just love how close our little family of 5 is. We've coined the name Fab 5, but I saw someone on social media say they were a Tight 5. I absolutely love that. With one kiddo an hour away, another one busy with work, soccer, and school and the baby hanging close by, we all have this unbreakable bond.

Alec going to Peru. I picked he and Chase up to take them to the airport. Hanna wanted to go with me to Smarr that day so she could see them off. I'm helping them get their bags out of the back of the Jeep. I see Alec go and tap Hanna's window and wave bye. He made a comment about her not acknowledging him. That's when Mama Bear goes and taps that window harder, motioning her towards her brother. He puts his hand out for goodbye. She quickly hops out of the Jeep, quickly gives him a bear-tight hug, and quickly hops back in the Jeep. She loves him so. She doesn't like to show it, but she adores him; and he knows it.

As Alec was gone Jon is asking me frequently if I've heard from Alec. He then would chime in with my conversations (texting) with Alec. One of the funniest was Alec and I were discussing how sick Chase was. Jon piped in, "I think Chase may be a restaurant, coffee shop kind of guy. He would like Cartagena." I died laughing.

When it was time to get Alec, Ash was all about going to pick him up and take him back to Macon. However, she lost her keys. We turned the house upside down and inside out, but no keys. Jon decided Ash would just go to work with him, he would take off work early, and they would take Alec and Chase back to Macon.

Of course, when Hanna and I got home from CC, we were wanting the low-down on their trip and all that they said to Jon and Ash. Fast forward a few days and Alec is sick, like really sick. He's texting me about how badly he feels. I'm normally one who ignores things for awhile and then will put the nitty to the gritty, if possible, and head to the doctor. But I know overseas travel is no joke. After asking him for a second time if he wanted me to go to the doctor with him, he responded yes. I headed to Macon, picked him up from work and took him to the doctor. Mama and James were so sweet. They went and got his car from work, put air in his tire, dropped his car off at his apartment; he was so sick he didn't feel like driving. They part of our Tight 5 too.

Alec showed me pics of his trip. We laughed even though he didn't feel well. I then took him to get some food and get his medicine. He was so sweet. He bought me dinner and thanked me for coming. Just that simple, "Thank you for coming," melted my heart like butter. Once a Mama, always a Mama. I took him back to his apartment, got him settled in, said hello to his roommates and scooted myself back home. I tease Alec and tell him, "He's only a good podcast away."

A few days later after a strong antibiotic he was worse. I called the Urgent Care we took him to. They talked to two different doctors and advised us to go to an ER where there was an infectious disease doctor on call. I called Alec, and the whole Tight 5 headed to the ER together. Mama even showed up. Like I said, they part of our Tight 5, too. She moseyed her way back to our ER room where there was only supposed to be 1 guest at a time. She plus me makes 2. She didn't care and I didn't either. She went and got Alec food and me Dunkin' Donuts coffee. She even gave me her coat 'cause it was cold in the ER.

As I had her coat on I thought, "This smells just like Mama." I'm so thankful for such loving parents who are not only crazy about me, but my Tight 5, too.

Tight, it means, "fixed, fastened, or closed firmly; hard to move, undo, or open." Yep, Fab 5, I'd say that describes us pretty darn well.

Things I Never Knew

Wow, the numerous times I've treaded these roads. Roads of my hometown, my roots, the place that built me. I love where I grew up. I love the lessons I learned and the memories I have.

Last weekend Larry passed away. His funeral was in Gray and I was so happy to return to my hometown. Melissa mentioned us going out to the old house. As we rode down Highway 11, we'd each point out things.

The Dumas', the Coleman's, the Passmore's; there was Jimmy Johnson's across the field. We even rode up to Dale's. . . this time in my Jeep, but growing up it was on a 3-wheeler. Oh what fun these 2 grown women had as little girls on Dale's 3-wheeler. He was good to us.

We chatted with Dale for a little while, and then headed back to the houses that are building our own families, our own children.

A few days later I was talking to Mama. She asked me if I remembered ______. I didn't. She reminded me he used to pump gas at Stan's. Oh, how could I forget the little knick-knack, hole-in-the-wall gas station of Stan's. I'd love going there with money to get a fireball. Even if I only got just one I was so happy to have that one. I can remember of all the times I used to think about sneaking up there on the 3-wheeler. Mama was a good sleuth. She would catch me. I knew she would so I never did it. Oh man, the times I thought of going up there. My behind would have been tanned for sure.

Anyhoo, back to the gas pumping man. Mama asked me if I remembered the time around Christmas that we took he and his family non-perishables, flour, sugar, etc. I didn't remember one lickity split. I never knew this.

But what I do know and remember is this:

We didn't have much but Mama was always looking out for those who had even less than we did. She was always so generous with our neighbors coming to get food from our garden. I think of Connie Maddox coming to get squash. I think of all the times we went to the Johnsons and they came to our house. Mama and James gave us a beautiful life, a simple life. We had no cable. We played outside. Mama didn't buy toys but she'd buy me books. We had no A/C but we had fans in our windows. We would wake up early in the morning, go to the vent and put our nightshirts around our knees and hover over the vent. Sometimes you'd see the face of the cat up through that vent. They taught us compassion and what it looked like to do without so others could have. They didn't know Jesus then, but He knew them, and was planting seeds. That garden wasn't the only thing that held seeds and was watered by the rain. Jesus was planting seeds in our hearts and watering them through 2 imperfect people, 2 people doing the best they could to get by and help a neighbor or 2 while they were at it.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Huh, seems like I've seen that somewhere before. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...
It's raining cats and dogs.
I am thinking...
About this phase of life I'm in. How hard being in a leadership positions is.The pressure of trying to make sure everyone is happy. People being offended when I'm not purposely trying to offend. I feel like I've got a bulls-eye target on my back that Satan just keeps hitting.
I am thankful for...
My Fab5, their love and support. How tight-knit of a family we are.
From the learning rooms...
I love CC. This has been the first year where I've felt CC is messy. CC relationships have been hard for me personally. This is not a normal for me. I'm trusting this is Jesus.
From the kitchen...
Leftovers. I've gotten to where I cook a big meal on Sunday nights, as I fix my lunch for the week too. We're having leftovers from last night.
I am wearing...
Jeans with holes in them, a "Gilmore Girls" shirt that says, "Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen."
I am creating...
Tomorrow morning I plan on starting on 4 T-shirt blankets I've committed to making.
I am going...
To meet with church leadership tomorrow about MV. Whether they say yes or no, I'm super excited because I'm loving loving to going to church again.
I am reading...
A Patriots History and Consequences of Ideas for CC. About to start "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" for CC, as well.
I am hoping...
The conflict that has been piling on me is starting to have peace.
I am hearing...
The hum of cars throughout our neighborhood.
Around the house...
Hanna has a friend over tonight. Ash got a good grade on her college English paper. We're still waiting to hear from her American History midterm. Jon was off today and got some things done in the downstairs bedroom. I'll call Bud-Ro in a little while to check on him and see how things are going in his neck of the woods.
One of my favorite things...
My CC kids. Man, I sure do love them. The conversations I get to have with these kiddos are amazing. I love my job. I don't love the conflict, but that's apart of ministry. And this is a ministry.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
CC leadership call tomorrow. Completing 2 T-shirt blankets. Meeting with Momentum leadership team. Teaching Group Power classes. Atlanta Rocks to celebrate Ash turning 17 on Friday. 
Here is picture for thought I am sharing..
From this summer at SSI. We were trying to recreate a photo of these kiddos. Sure do love them so.