Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
In our new 'hood, AKA Cody's, to which I have affectionately named Pitstop. The air is cool and crisp and it was in the 80s just yesterday. Sigh, such is the weather these days. Hanna always teases and says, "These are end times weather, Mama,end times weather."
I am thinking...
How amazing I feel, how grateful I am. It's been a hardworking past couple of months. I got to have some quiet, sweet time with the LORD, take Hanna to babysit Eli, and go to the gym and workout for over an hour. I feel like I'm on Cloud 9 right now . . . definitey in my happy place.
I am thankful for...
Jon. He works so hard for us and NEVER complains. He got a really nice bonus at work yesterday and doesn't see it as his bonus but as the family's bonus. I love his heart to care and take care of us not out of duty but out of delight.
From the learning rooms...
Well, well, well. . .with a move during the school year can anyone say summa' school?
From the kitchen...
Thanks to my precious Mama it is beyond organized. I'm learning to cook on gas again which means some times have turned out extra toasty. That's what ranch dressing is for, though, right?
I am wearing...
A purple exercise shirt with some lime green and purple shorts. No makeup. Teeth are brushed. Hair? In a Ms. Crishele knot.
I am creating...
A home. While Jon excels as the design, paint colors, carpet colors, flooring, etc., my s. weet spot is making this a good "homebase", putting out pictures, buying fresh flowers, lighting candles
I am going...
to go and take the big trash bags out of the garage to the dump, pick up Hanna, and go and clean our living spaces in Gigi's house while she is out of town. She told me not to do it, but my Mama didn't raise that kind of a girl.
I am reading...
"They Found the Secret". It's about ordinary people whose lives were transformed by the surrendered life, living and walking in the Holy Spirit. 
I am hoping...
I, too, will live in the exchanged life as Hudson Taylor did.
I am hearing...
Around the house...
Oh me, oh my. Where to start? We are in a home, our home. And for that I'll settle right there and be grateful. If I start the list
One of my favorite things...
Providing a good homebase for my Fab 5.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Get the dogs over here, clean Gigi's, see Beauty and the Beast with my 2 favorite girlies, celebrate Jon's bonus with the Fab 5, Ash rec soccer game on Saturday, church on Sunday, maybe lunch at Mama's on Sunday if Kris is coming to town.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing..
Since Ash is on yearbook staff I found this picture from this Challenge B year. We were doing a silly picture. Look at their faces. Man, I love my job!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When you Hit a Stump in Life

I was on my usual morning phone call with Mama. I'm all snuggled in our new house, Pitstop, all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. My Bible is in front of me, along with my gratitude journal, pen, and book on missionaries. The lamp is on and the trio of candles in the fireplace is burning. It's been a hectic 2-1/2 months, selling the Bungalove, moving into Gigi's, fixing up Pitstop to get it where it's livable. Oh yeah, and there was still life to be lived in-between all of those things. We're exhausted. So for this morning, to be still and go slow was extra nice. I even soaked in my conversation with my Mama.

We chatted about this past weekend. She and Papa came and helped us. My warrior-strong Mama tackled the nasty kitchen. She scrubbed every kitchen cabinet, put down new contact paper, organized where everything should go and made sure my kitchen was up and running before she would even leave. And to top this all off, she made us a yummy, Southern tried-and-true homemade meal - chicken casserole, macaroni & cheese, green beans (flavored with bacon grease, of course), and rolls. Diet? What diet? Diet-schmiet when it comes to eating my Mama's cooking.

We talked about Papa buying Alec's dinner. They all went and ate Mexican with Melissa and Scott while the rest of the Fab 5 held tight to the fort. Well, actually it was just Hanna and I. Jon was at a pro soccer game with Doug and his older kiddos and Ash was babysitting for Laura Beth. So just Hanna and I and 3 of the Lawrence littles held tight to the fort (AKA Pitstop).

Mama and I chatted about Papa telling her how much he and Alec did together that day and he wanted to treat him to a meal. Precious, I tell you, just precious . .. they're relationship is so special. Our conversation continued around that. Mama talked of how much time Alec spent with them when he was little. She then went on to say, "All 3 of them learned how to drive on that golf cart." She then told me about the first time Alec drove the golf cart.

He was little, Oh my little boy who is now a hardworking young man. My little boy with the blonde hair and glasses now turned into a young man with darker blonde hair and recently traded his contacts in for glasses. How I do love him so!!! I hope he knows this full and full well. Mama talked of how the first time Alec drove the golf car he hit a stump. When he hit the stump he got off the golf cart and went and sat in the back. Mama sweetly told him, "Baby, it's okay. You're going to hit stumps. When you do, you just have to back up and start over again. You're going to make mistakes."

Oh what wise words from my dear Mama. Stumps, we hit them. Sometimes we want to just full-force run over them. Sometimes we want to just stop and do nothing. Sometimes we want to get off the golf cart and go to the back and sit down. Sometimes we want to let someone else back it up and get us around the stump so we don't have to deal with it.

But that's not the way. That's now how we learn. That's not how we grow. When we hit the stumps we have to back up and start over again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


When you've spent $21 on the Florida turnpike and you're almost out of money and have 35 more miles to go. 

When your favorite 13-year-old gets her number 1 wish list,  Kitchen Aid mixer, from her Nanna. 

When you decide to get off the Florida turnpike because you're running out of money and it's way too crowded anyway. run into this. 

When you get to your hotel, find a luggage cart so Hanna can check "using a luggage cart" off her bucket list. 

When you've been up since 1:00 am (Jon), driven what was supposed to be a 10-hour drive but became a 13-hour drive. Ash gets the wrong hotel number for our room and Jon has to go back to the car to get our hotel paper....he's a little upset and we just laugh. 

 When the hotel you're staying at has a gym and you and your Banna Hoo go get a good, good-morning sweat in. 



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Grumpies

I love Christmas, absolutely, positively LOVE it. I love that we celebrate Jesus' birth (the greatest gift ever given). I love the traditions I've created with my Fab 5 family. I love the get-togethers, the yummy goodies, the lights all aglow. . . all of it.

But every year it never fails I get the Christmas grumpies and when the grumpies come I'm feisty and ill. Each year I make a proclamation, "Next year, I'm not dealing with this mess. Enough is enough. I'm sick of this." My poor Fab 5 family. . . having to deal with my extended family's junk and drama. Jon is so low-key, he and his family. His sweet Mama would just assume us all be together on a different day other than Christmas to celebrate just so we can all be together. That's how I'm going to be when my kiddos are older. Gigi has even told stories of some Christmases she and Gdaddy eating a slaw dog for lunch, simply because they were celebrating with all of us at a later time.

I come with baggage. My whole life it's been a split of two families each and every holiday. It just is what it is. After a while you get tired and weary and say, "To heck with it all."

Melissa and I try to be on the same page with where we spend what day and with whom. That way, at least we're together. She really loves staying at home on Christmas Day. This year that's what we said we would do, stay home. We made plans to knock Mama and Daddy's out on one day, Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve at Grandmama's at 2:00 for dessert and coffee. It's Grandmama's because Daddy doesn't have a house. If he had a house it would be at his house and we would see Grandmama another day. We then decided we would eat dinner at Mama and James'.

Jonathan has to work on Christmas so this plan doesn't work for Jonathan and Kristen. I get it. Life happens. Some Christmases just work where you're not all together. Last year Kristen had to work the day after Christmas so they decided to do what was best for their family and come later. And, that's exactly what they should have done. . . what's best for THEIR family, not my family or Melissa's family, or Mama and James, but THEIR family. Mama calls me this afternoon, "I sure do wish we could do Christmas, Christmas night. That way we could all be together. Kristen is so disappointed that we can't be together." Me: "Mama, I understand, but Kristen has to understand we have a Daddy we need to go and see too. We have a whole 'nother element to our Christmas that Kristen doesn't have. It would almost be easier to live really far away from everyone. That way there are no expectations of you. We would really like to not have to come to Macon twice." Because, guess what, Mama and Kristen? We have a life too, a very busy life and we would like to rest and relax and enjoy one another without going from here to Timbuktu over the course of a few days. Then Mama throws at me, "On your way here I want you to stop at Granny's. She has a present for the kids." That's another visit that's going to take at least an hour. Another stop, another visit. Granny gets the kids something every year and we don't make a stop at her house, why this year? Grrr. I can always go to Granny's  another day where it's not so busy and I would have more time to spend with her. But, nope, it has to be Christmas Eve.

Don't get me wrong I love my family fiercely. And I'm grateful, grateful to have people to share the holidays with and grateful for loved ones. And today, especially with a rant like this one, I'm grateful for grace.

I'm going to start saving my pennies because next year the Fab 5 and I will be out of town far, far away. I have to deal with this drama and mess every.single.year. Enough is enough. And when my children are grown and gone with families of their own, I hope to remember all of this. . . remember how it feels to be pulled, torn, and tugged in a hundred different directions trying to make everyone else happy.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just For Fun

I saw this on Facebook the other day. I really didn't feel like posting my results on there, but I thought it would be fun to do it here. 

Piercings...4 (two in each ear)
Marriages ..1
Shot a gun... yes
Quit a job.. yes
Flown on a plane.. yes
Gone over 100 miles in a car... yes
Gone over 100mph in a car... no
Hit a deer...yes
Gone zip lining...yes - so fun
Cried over someone... Yes - many, many times
Fell in love.... Yes
Skipped school... yes
Watched someone give birth
Watched someone die...yes
Been to
Ridden in an
Been to Hawaii?
Been to Europe...yes, layover long enough in London to go see the changing of the guard
Been to Washington D.C...yes
Visited Florida.. yes.
Visited Las Vegas...unfortunately yes, twice.
Sang karaoke... no
Laughed so much you cried...Yes
Had a pet(s)...Yes
Been sledding on big hill... yes
Been downhill
Rode on a motorcycle... does a 3-wheeler count?
Rode a Horse...yes
Stayed in a hospital...yes.
Donated blood...yes.
Driven a stick shift...yes
Rode in the back of a police