Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hawks Cay

Jon being apart of the President's Club at work landed us a trip to Hawk's Cay in the Florida Keys.

Here we are at the airport with our President Club hats.

After we landed in Miami we took a bus to our destination. However, we stopped along the way to eat lunch. This place was literally right.on.the.beach.

Here are all the President Club winners.
Chuck Dowdle hung out with the group all weekend. It was so funny. We landed in Miami and Jon sees Chuck Dowdle along with the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the company he works for. Jon heads straight Chuck Dowdle to shake his hand and in a round about way totally disses the Chairman of the Board. Smooth move, honey. And here I was worried I was going to embarrass you.

After lunch we went to this place to play a game. Each President's Club member was given $100. The game was to see who could spend the closest to $100 without going over. We also were told to go to the dock and feed the tarpons.

Those big fish would jump out of the water to get the minnows we were feeding them.

Off to spend our $100. It was so much fun. No guilt. No worries. Just fun.
This is what we had left over. We were pretty proud of ourselves and thought we had a good chance of winning the game. Unfortunately, someone was able to spend their whole $100. It was so fun though. Jon bought me a bracelet and him a couple of T-shirts. We got some flavored popcorn, the girls a bracelet, and a family game to play at home.
On our way to the resort the CEO told us waiting at the resort for all of us was a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. I had no idea who Maui Jim was, but I knew Alec would becuase he had expensive taste. Jon's not a sunglass guy so Alec got his Maui Jim's. And I am loving mine.

This is outside of our room.

That night there was an awards dinner. We got to get all dressed up.
Chuck Dowdle was the speaker for the night.

Here's my sweet man getting his well-deserved reward.

This was our eating venue for the night. They really spoiled us. The food was incredible.

We had to eat Key Lime pie in the Keys.
On top of everything else they gave us a $450 room credit. If we didn't use it, we lost it. That next morning Jon and I did something we've never, ever done before.

We ordered room service.

And, we ate it on our balcony.

After our yummy breakfast we decided to go to the marina and give paddleboarding a try and go kayaking. After all, we had $450 to spend.

After paddleboarding we went kayaking in the ocean for two hours. This was my favorite thing we did. We rented a double kayak. We laughed so much and so hard. It was so fun having this adventure on the roaring high seas (not really, but that's just for dramatic effect). Seriously, though, it was neat being in the great ocean in a little boat with the one I love. 

We also got to see dolphins back at the resort.

Some of the President's Club folks decided to spend their money on swimming with the dolphins. They loved it. I was thankful we got to watch them.

We also played putt putt with our new friends, Keith and Kenya.

We laid by the pool and people watched. Jon had me laughing the entire time.

That night we played corn hole and a game of volleyball.

Here's Chuck Dowdle . . .who, let me pause here.  He is such a nice guy, a real gentleman. He sat with us one night and talked sports. He even talked a little politics. He's just a really, really nice guy. Here here is with Larry the Bear.

Goodbye Hawk's Cay. Thank you Georgia's Own. You've been so good to us.
Heading home. I told Jon, "So many people are going home to empty houses. We get to go home to three great kids."
Here's Jon in the Atlanta Airport. I had to snag this picture. He would take the thing that moves you across the floor and walk fast on it. I would run on just the plain floor to try and beat him. We laughed and laughed. As I caught a view of him, I thought, "He looks like Clark Griswold." I had to pause and get his pic.