Friday, October 31, 2014

My Boy

I am really soaking in and savoring these days with Alec. Here are some things I want to remember, things that make my heart go pitter-patter.

The other day he was off work and I was home, so time had slowed down. I was making dinner and cleaning the kitchen. It whipped out his phone and played for me all the songs he loves right now. He would tell me the analytical meaning behind them all and tell me why he liked them. Just a sweet moment.

I was at CC on Tuesday and he and  Ash were here by themselves. He went and met Josh and stayed with him awhile. Since he was gone so long he called and checked on Ashley . . . just to make sure he was okay. What??? If you would have told me something like this would happen five years ago I'd call you a liar and probably tell you to shut up, to not dare get my hopes up like that. Hee.Hee.

Yesterday the girls and I got in from shopping. He was getting ready for work. Clearly, he was in a bad mood. I asked him what was wrong, why was he in such a bad mood? He said something snarky (I can't even remember). He went out the door, slamming it shut. Okay, then. . . not sure what that was all about. I got a text from him later saying, "I'm sorry I was rude. I'm just really stressed out right now. I love you." Sweet boy apologized and I didn't have to make him. *Grin*

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Girl Who Loves a Playground

Being the youngest of three Hanna has been "big" before her time to be "big." One of her most favorite things in the world is a playground. At 11 years old she still LOVES a playground.

Emma and Abby came to spend the night with us. Ash had soccer practice so I took all the girls to play at the playground. It was so much fun to watch them. 

They followed Hanna around so sweetly. Towards the end Hanna came up to me, "Mama, will you watch them so I can swing?"

Why certainly, my darlin'. You go and enjoy your swinging. Man, I love that girl.

Don't You Mean Before You Got Corrected?

The girls and I headed out today to run some errands. Both girls are in need of some fall clothes and shoes. We were in Walmart and Ash had a makeup brush to buy. She bounced back and forth about buying it and said, "Mom, I want this because I used yours and I loved it."

Well I knew my makeup brush versus the Walmart makeup brush were totally different. "Ash, mine is a really good makeup brush."

Ash: "How much did you pay for yours, Mom?"

Me: "I bought those way back in the days before I went out of the country. I bought those when I wore a more expensive brand of makeup. It was before I went and got all messed up."

Ash: "Mom, don't you mean before you got corrected?"

Me: "Yes, baby, that's exactly right. . . .before I got corrected. I love that!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crossing Off Our Bucket List

Every summer we try and put things to do on a bucket list. Here are some of our items we got crossed off.

1) Take a walk on a nature trail. We did this a lot.

We got a dog. THAT was not on our bucket list.

2) Attend VBS. This year Ash worked VBS and Hanna got to participate. They absolutely loved it.
3) Tie-Die T-shirts. We did this with our buddies, Bethany and Walker

4) Pick blueberries.

5) Another nature walk. This time our boy was with us.

We got another dog. THAT wasn't on the bucket list either. He's a sweetie though.

Repent, Retract, Remorse

Lsat night we did our Tuesday thing. I got home from CC, waited on Jon, and then we headed to Gigi's for dinner. I love that Tuesday night has become our time to eat dinner with her. Lee stays with Gdaddy on Tuesdays now, so Gigi gets to have two of her boys home and two (sometimes three if Alec isn't working) grandchildren with her. The whole crew was around the table laughing and cutting up. 

Someone knocks at the door. Gigi remembered the Bentleys were dropping by. We hadn't seen them in years. It was such a treat. Gigi told them to come into the chaos. *Grin* We all chatted it up. The Bentleys said they needed to go, that Mr. Bentley needed to get his "fix." 

Fix? I asked. "What do you mean, his fix?"

Mrs. Bentley told me they have to eat Captain D's once a month.

The sour scowl on my face said it all. Mr. Bentley jokingly told me he was offended. We then discussed my distaste and discuss for Captain D's. We talked and giggled more and they left.

Meanwhile 4 of the Fab 5 (the other member was working) had to go to  Home Depot. Jon is working on a project for me. After our Home Depot visit Jon pulls into the Captain D's drive through.

What? You're stinkin' kiddin' me. We just ate and you're going to waste calories on THAT???? 

No thank you.

Jon told all of us we each had to try a piece of fish with the malt vinegar.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

With the variety of things I've eaten ranging from pig brains and eggs to fried squirrel to fried grasshopper, certainly my palate and stomach can stand some of this grotesque, nasty fish from Captain D's.

I tore off a piece, dipped it in the malt vinegar, and put it in my mouth.

Ahhhh!!!!!!!! It was delicious. . . so delicious I had another tear off of fish in the malt vinegar. Next came the french fries and then a hushpuppy. I even took Jon's fork and had me a bite of cole slaw. 

Jon laughed and laughed. 

Then my remorse came over my reaction to Mr. Bentley's "fix." I decided he was totally justified. I need to repent of my ugliness about Captain D's and retract everything I said. *Giggle* *Giggle* *Snort* *Snort*

I teased Jon this morning  that now he's going to have to hear me asking, "Hey, y'all want to go and grab some Captain D's?"

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth.

Monday, October 27, 2014

What's in a Weekend?

This weekend was an extremely busy one. . . a good busy, but busy.

Saturday morning I got up and ran 7 miles with my precious friend, Becky. Meanwhile, Jon and Hanna went to collect rent from our renter. Alec, Ash, and I got ready so that we were ready as Freddy when they walked through the door. Jon scored FREE tickets to our Alma mater, Georgia Southern. The whole crew loaded up in the van and off we went.

As the crowd cheered and the football players ran their hearts out, Ms. Sappy got all teared up. I sat there and I just thanked God for my family. This is so silly, and I don't think I've ever confessed this to anyone. But, when I was a little girl, as I dreamed of my Prince Charming, I wanted a man who liked football. Maybe it's because I come from a family of hunters and wrestlers, fishermen and body builders (so many worlds being a child of divorce). Maybe I wanted to see what that sport life looked like? Maybe it was because it was all that was on TV when I wanted to watch something and I certainly didn't understand what the big deal was.

Well, ask and you shall receive. This girlhood dream got pressed down and shaken over with the man I fell in love with. . . . sports' fan to the Nth degree. So, here we are at this football game, crowd cheering, band playing, players dualing it out on the field. . . and I'm on the end tearing up. I tried to get myself under control because I knew if Hanna saw me she would snicker and wonder what was up.

God has given me so much more than I could have ever dreamed in my best and wildest of dreams. He's given me more than my heart has ever imagined. . . better than any fairy tale I grew up with. My Fab 5 is as precious as they come, and because of God's goodness and grace He chose to shower me and drench me in His love through my Fab 5.

We had to leave the GSU (Georgia Southern University) versus GSU (Georgia State University) early because we had to watch our favorite soccer player play some shut-down defense. Ash certainly didn't disappoint, and shut-down defense she played. That girl is FAST!!! On Sunday we had a parent introduce Ash to someone saying, "And this is Ashley and she's really good at soccer." Another mom told Jon just yesterday, "We really appreciate Ash being on our team." Everyone knows Ashley as Ash. . . I just love that.

We had the best time in the van. We laughed so much and so hard. Alec officially announced to all of us that any boy who would date Hanna or Ash would have to go through him FIRST. As a Mama I absolutely delighted in this. We ate out for both lunch and dinner, which is a big treat. For dinner we actually sat down and ate. The Fab 5 crammed in a booth and we laughed and talked and laughed and talked and truly just enjoyed one another. Oh, how I love my Fab 5.

Sunday morning Hanna Boo and I headed to the store. We were planning to help give my dear friend, Bethany, a baby shower. When I got home it was a rush and my girls got in the kitchen and we knocked out ranch dip with fresh veggies and spinach dip. Me and my girlies make a great team. Hanna decided to go with me to the shower. I just love my kiddibos so much. I love we could go to a shower together, mother and daughter. I loved having her in my shadow and by my side. Ash, my little hard worker bee, wanted to go but chose to be responsible and stay at home and finish up her school work.

Alec had band practice for a church band he's playing with. Hanna and I got home and we finished off the chicken nuggets from Burger King Alec and Jon had gotten. Then we all cuddled up on the sofa and watched "Once Upon a Time." With such a busy weekend I didn't make it to the end of the show. Several times I caught myself falling asleep with my head bobbing up and down.

Thankful . . .

Saturday, October 25, 2014

How the Other Half Lives

Last night Ash was invited to attend a birthday/Halloween party with a soccer friend. She and another soccer buddy decided to dress alike. Jon took them on Wednesday to Party City to find a costume. They decided to go as Mitt Romney and Barak Obama. HILARIOUS!!!!

So the party lasted until 11:00. What? 11:00. That's late, like really late for this 'ole gal. Honestly I was nervous about dropping Ash off. I don't know the parents. I don't know the kids. Yeah, I'm that hovering helicopter mom. She wanted to go and I certainly trust her. So I gave her my phone and off she went.

I was really excited to go and pick her up and see how everything went. I walked into their home and went out back. It was like a party you would see out of a movie with a bunch of teenagers. Music, dancing, lights, groups of kids huddled together. And there I saw my precious girl, seated on a swing next to a soccer buddy laughing and having a good time.

Grateful and proud Mama. Ash has a good head on  her shoulders. She's confident and secure, and I'm grateful. . . . 'cause that means she less likely to compromise. She and her "twin" loaded up in the van and we took her "twin" home. Ash was talking so much, laughing, telling me all about her night. I loved every single second of it.

Ash and I dropped Zion off. She and I chatted the whole way home. It's 11:40 at this point. Way past my bedtime. Alec calls, "Mom, I didn't eat at work. Will you stop and pick me up a burger?" Ash and I headed to the Wendy's drive through. I loaded us up with burgers and a Frosty for she and I. That was some good stuff right there. It was so fun being up so late and out so late and even eating so late. I thought to myself, "This must be how the other half lives." I also thought, "I'm so thankful I get to sleep until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow."

We get home. It's approaching midnight. I'm about to turn into a pumpkin or that Frosty I just gulped down. We were all up, talking, chatting and hearing about Ash's night. Alec shared his Chick-fil-A adventures for the night. We turned on the TV. Hanna cuddled up next to me. Alec was on the other side of me. We watched a little Jimmy Fallon and laughed hard. I thanked Jesus for my family. . . for these moments, turned over on my left side and drifted to sleep.