Thursday, January 8, 2015

Precious Girl

Two full days of back-to-back CC and not really much gets done around the house.

We still wear clothes and dirty up laundry.

We still eat and dirty up clothes.

But I chill and I really don't do anything other than work and spend time with my family these two days.

By the time Wednesday rolls around there is much that needs doing.

The laundry hamper and kitchen sink are both usually overflowing by this point.

Yesterday I didn't feel well. There is some crud going around, and I didn't want to catch it. So, I did school with Hanna and I rested.

I didn't work out.

I didn't clean the house.

I rested and read and cuddled up with my girls.

The dishes and the laundry don't clean themselves.

This morning when I got up to work (typing) I came into the living room/kitchen/dining room and. . . cue Handel's Messiah. . .

All the dishes - CLEAN!


My precious Ash saw it needed done and she stepped up to do it to bless her Mama. And boy, oh, boy did she bless me.

What a precious girl.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finding a New Family

Well it's all out in the open and I can breathe a sigh of relief, we're no longer at SBC. Oh, it's been a tough decision, but one we don't regret. In fact, we are very much at peace.. . . and that's a good place to be.

I'm such a creature of habit. I'd go to the same church my whole entire life if the LORD would have it that way. I'm one of those that wants to raise my babies in a church and have them bring their babies there, and us all occupy a few pews together. But, God has got other plans and I'm grateful.

The church we've been going to for many, many Sunday mornings, it just has the sweetest spirit. The praise and worship is The preacher preaches what our family needs to hear in this season. Jesus has been so sweet to us to lead us there.

But, I ain't going lie. It's hard, like really hard. Honestly, this is the hardest it's ever been, leaving one church and getting plugged into another. I miss soooooooooo many people sooooooooooo terribly bad from SBC, like so much sometimes I could just cry.

I love deeply so many people there and I feel so connected to so many.

I have a prayer group I meet with that 2 of us 4 are still there.

I have my "4th children" there.

So many of the older adults that I just love so much are there.

Thankfully we still see lots of our friends. I'm so grateful.

But where we are, right now. . .the hands that I shake and the faces I smile at are just complete strangers to me. I don't know them. I don't know their names. I don't know their stories. They don't know me or my name or my story.

There's no one to linger around to talk to or go across the church because you just can't wait to hug their neck.

There's no one to send a text to to check on and see how they're doing.

There's no one to comment on what they posted on their Facebook page.

There's no one to hear their story about how they know Jesus.

As our family was leaving church I thought, "Okay, this isn't going to happen long. My family better enjoy the days of getting me out of church early."

I'm relational. I need relationships and I need people. I need to know the people I'm worshiping with. I need to have a faith family. It's just how God made me.

As I've thought throughout the day how hard this is on me, I thought, "Well, Michele, you need to enjoy this time when it's the 'Fab 5' all together, one for all and all for one. These kind of things take time. It didn't happen overnight at SBC and it's not going to happen overnight at FBCH."

And then, my phone rang.

It was someone who has been so dear to me over the years, someone who I've prayed so many tears over, someone who has been involved in one of our wiffle ball games and spent the night at our home. She's precious. She said, "Hey, you're on my heart. I don't really know why I'm calling you, but I just felt led to call you." I respond by telling her how good she sounds. We chat it up for a little while. She's in a sweet place with Jesus and it just makes me so, so happy. I started to tell her how much I missed her and so many people at SBC and I got all choked up. I then realized why she called me.

Jesus knew I needed that. That call from a loved one from my other family. That call of a person whose name I know, who isn't a stranger to me, who is a neck I've gone across the church to hug just because I love them, one whose story I know and who knows my story. One whose Facebook wall I've written on many times.

As I had my epiphany, I told her, "I know why you called. I know why you called. It has to do with me, something Jesus did for me by you calling."

As I thought about the sweetness of Jesus and just how good He is to me, I realized how very blessed I am to have such a family there at SBC. It's not a family I worship and serve with corporately anymore, but we're still family. And blood is thicker than water (Jesus' blood, that is). And that is what binds us together no matter where we go to church.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FULL of an Ugly Sweater Contest

With our CC Community this year we had our Christmas party having an ugly sweater contest. 

Jenn started us out by showing us just how we should get ready for an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

 Then we had all the kiddos who had a sweater on to tell their names and tell why we should vote for them. I told them the story could be made up. We just wanted them up in front of people presenting.

Hanna was HILARIOUS. She said, "My big sister has always won the Ugly Sweater Contests and my parents are so disappointed in me. So if you could find it in your heart to vote for me, I would be forever grateful."

And, you know what?

She won. She was crowned Queen of the Ugly Christmas Sweater.

FULL of Finishing up CC for the semester

With drawing her body.

 Blue Book exams
 Games of Scrabble for Ms. Melissa and all the kiddos waiting for their Challenge siblings.
 To celebrate the end of semester we had a Fiesta Friday. Lots of yummy food and fun.

FULL of Black Friday Shopping

As always, our annual tradition of Black Friday shopping, did not disappoint in way of fun.

 and laughs
 and Mama buying a buggy full
 and times of silliness of doing our best "model" pose.
 and a loving family who we get to share life with.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FULL of Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Gigi. The whole crew was home and we played Sequence and Taboo. We laughed so, so much. It was so wonderFULL.

 This was our photographer, and she just happens to love photos of herself.
 Hanna and Aunt Holly (the one she looks like)
 Uncle Lee.
 Mama who loves giving her smooches.
 And posing with her.
 And doing our gang faces.
 And more poses.
 There's sweet Gigi always making sure we are abundantly fed.

 Big brother.
 Gigi joined us for Taboo.

 There were times we laughed so hard I think we were trying to beat one another to the bathroom.

What a FULL life of so many people who love us and want to be with us and play games with us.

FULL of Family Game Nights

 Sometimes they are a complete disaster.
 And sometimes they are not.
 But I would rather be playing a disastrous family game night than folding that pile of laundry in the background. At least we can laugh at the competitiveness, right?
And, I don't 'remember how this one turned out. . . fun or disastrous. However it turned out we always keep coming back for more.