Sunday, April 13, 2014

Victory Lap

Alec and Ash used to FIGHT LIKE CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY when they were little. I mean, exhausting fighting. . . all the time. That's probably one reason we stopped having kiddos after Hanna. I could not handle anymore arguing.

However, as they've gotten older the fighting has stopped and they really become. . . I know it's a strong word. . .but friends.

Since Alec has been driving I'll hear him say, "Hey, Ash, want to go to town with me?"

Friday night we all went to play tennis and they chose to play one another. They hardly argued. Towards the end Alec would get a little mad, but that was all. . . typical testosterone, and it was after playing tennis for two hours.

I know Alec confides in her, because when it's necessary, my girl will spill the beans to me.

Every Wednesday they always ride to CC together. Before they get to CC they will go by Dollar General. Since they leave before me, they're always at CC first. They do something called the "Victory Lap" where they take a lap around the parking lot because they beat everyone else.

I hope this pattern of growing closer as they get older will continue and they will continue to grow and encourage one another.

It's Debate Time

One of the best things for Alec about CC this year is debate. He absolutely LOVES it. 

And, he is really good at it too. 

He and Griffin were on a team together and they had to debate against the legalization of marijuana. 

Alec was so excited he wore his suit.
He speaks with great eloquence and uses really big words. I think this is part of his strategy to throw his opponent off.

Rolled up sleeves. . . serious business.

Skating on the Ice

A few months ago we had told the girls we would go ice skating. One of Hanna's friends had a party, and they invited the whole family. It was such a fun day. 

We then went to my favorite hot dog place, EVA!!!
It looks as if I'm about to pounce on Hanna's food.

Visit with KiKi

It was our first soccer game of the season and it was in Augusta. We were excited because it meant we got to spend the night with Kris and the babies. 

While Kris and Jonathan were at church we took the babies to the park.
I love looking at the world through their sweet eyes.
The big kids enjoyed the park too.

We all got home, ate a bite, and then headed to the soccer fields.
Big sister, baby sister.
I can't believe Ash is taller than Kris.

Blowing Out

The morning of Paging Alec and Hanna were going to stay at home. At the very last minute they decided they didn't want to be cooped up all day so they decided to come along. After the kiddos got finished paging they all went back with Angela. Alec, Hanna, and I took a trip to the Farmer's Market.

On the way home we're riding down I-285 and, boom, I hear something sound like it hit the tire or under the car. I said, "Whoa, did you hear that Alec?" It wasn't a jiffy second later and I could feel the car acting up. Thank the LORD I was in the middle lane and not on the far right lane. I was able to get over to the shoulder. The traffic on I-285 is so fast it was a while before I had a chance to get out of the car. When Alec and I got out, this is what we found. 

Talk about a blow out!!!! It was smoking big time. Alec went immediately to start getting the jack. I thought, "There is on way I'm letting him change this tire. All it takes is one jerk of someone's wheel and Alec is dead." There's not much shoulder space on I-285. I called Jon and he gave me the number for the Hero car. He told me if it was going to be too long for them he'd come and change it. I thought, "There is no way I'm letting him change this tire. All it takes is one jerk of someone's wheel and Jon is dead." I called Hero and they said they would be there shortly to help us.

As all of this was going on we were sitting in the car. Traffic was so fast that it felt like the car was shaking. I asked the lady from Hero where the safest place to be was. . . she said, "In the car because if someone does hit your car at least you're in there. If you're outside of the vehicle and it's hit, then your car can hit you." I was so uneasy with sitting in the car. It was very scary.
Alec suggested we go over the guard rail and walk down a ways while we waited. On our journey, I saw this and told Alec, "Hey, we need those for our car. They look better than what's on there right now."
We camped out and listened for moments of silence of no buzzing traffic. There were only 2, I think, in the hour and a half we waited.
We then picked a color and counted cars. We made lemons out of lemonade and laughed.
I told the kids I was chalking this one up to an adventure. I am really, really thankful, though, that Alec and Hanna decided to go that morning, especially Alec. I would have hated to be out there just by myself or me and Hanna. I felt more protected with my tall teenage son with us. 


Ever since Alec paged several years ago Ash has been chomping at the bit to page herself. Since we have moved we have a different representative. We got our best buds to come and join in on the fun (minus Faith - they had to do theirs a separate day). 

The Mom's. I was still unstressing. I hate Atlanta and I hate the traffic, and I am a small town country girl through and through. Give me a dirt road and bare feet ANY DAY over the big city life. 

The kiddos.
Hanna with her usual selfie.
Me and my girl.

The boys.
Ash is so beautiful on the inside already, but she is becoming so beautiful on the outside.
Heart of gold that girl of mine has!!!

A Grilled Cheese Kind of Night

Jon is the funnest Daddy in the whole wide world. He's always coming up with really creative ways to spend time as a family. After a big grilled cheese debate at work he decided we should have a grilled cheese family night. 

The rules? We all go to the grocery store and get to pick out one kind of cheese (or another item if you're fine with sharp cheddar cheese). We all come back and make our own creation, and then let everyone have a taste.

Ash loves a BLT and I think stuck with this except minus the lettuce and added the cheese. 

Hanna went for the pepperoni with pepper jack cheese and mayo.

Alec made some fancy smancy creation of grilled and cheese. It was yummy. He is only in the kitchen about 3 times a year, but when he's in there he makes us all think he's a gourmet chef.

Me and mini-me.
Jon had his cheese on the outside and cooked it - SUPER YUMMY if you like burnt cheese like we do.

I took a little bit of sirachi and mixed it with mayo and put it on the outside of my grilled cheese and then grilled it.

It was a fun night!!!