Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Story Only God Could Write

Guest blogger today. . . my hubby, Jon. Can you tell that it is Uganda Week here at Our Adventure Book? :)

This is an email Jon sent out to his coworkers. . . 
"I wanted to share a neat little story that has developed recently.
About a year ago Michele (my wife) and I bought a small house that we plan to move into. It needs a lot of work so we have been rehabbing it over the last year. My goal was to reduce expenses and get us in better financial shape. Michele’s goal was to spend less money on us and more money helping others. I agreed that this was a worthy goal; however, deep down my main goal was to help us get in a better financial position.
Michele likes to name things, so she decided we needed to have a name for our little house. Against my objections she named it the Bungalove ( a cross between bungalow and love). I thought it was a silly name, but whatever. Michele wants to use the money that we will save by living in this house to help those in greater need.
In June of this year Michele went on a mission trip to Uganda and was totally broken by the poverty that she saw. She especially had a heart for the widows of the country. Her mother’s heart was torn apart by story after story of mothers doing everything they could just to feed their children; mothers who would give up their children for adoption just so they would be taken care of; mothers who sell themselves into prostitution to put food on the table; mothers dying aids with no money for medication.
Upon returning home she was still broken over what she had seen and felt the need to do something. She started by telling others the stories of these mothers and in particular one named Margaret who has particularly touched her heart. People began donating money to help the widows, and soon Michele realized that she needed to have some sort of organization to show accountability for the money coming in. She began making arrangements. During this time she decided the organization would need a name, and she came up with the name Margaret’s Voice.
Although Michele had chosen Margaret’s Voice as ‘the official’ name for the organization, a pastor in Uganda (who will be assisting her) already had a name………..the Bunga-love project. You see, the name of the village that the pastor lives in is Bunga Village, so to him Bunga-love project made perfect sense. He had no idea that almost a year ago and thousands of miles away a lady in America, who had never been to Bunga Village Uganda (and didn’t know it existed), named a house that she intended to use to help others- the Bungalove.
Anyway, sorry for the long email, but I just thought it was amazing how the story unfolded, and I wanted to share it. On a side note, Michele didn’t even put the two together until a friend pointed it out to her."
End of email

We serve a mighty and glorious God who is in the tiniest of details. . . even a name.


  1. you know I love this story and I can't wait to see the rest on this blog too!.. so excited! God is soooooo good!

  2. OH, I LOVE this story!! Can't wait to see how God uses you to accomplish his purposes. Truly touching!! BTW, tell Jon that he is a GREAT writer. Maybe he needs to start a blog...hmm?